Kendrick Lamar – “Untitled”

Kendrick Lamar – “Untitled”

Kendrick Lamar surprised fans and audience members alike last night when he performed a brand new untitled song on The Colbert Report. After a short interview, he proceeded to perform the new song, which stays on the jazzy type of feel like on his last single “i”. However, it hasn’t been stated if this song will be on his album, but nonetheless, it’s really good. In the song, we see Kendrick rapping from 4 different points of view: from an Asian man, an Indian man, a Black man, and a White man. The 3 minorities each give Kendrick a piece of advice on how to live his life. However, the majority group, or the White man, takes a piece of Kendrick instead. With the lines “telling me that he selling me just for $10.99” and “I go platinum from rapping, I do the company fine” suggest that the real person profiting is the head of the music label. He ends the song on a great line that says “What the black man say? Tell ’em we don’t die, we multiply.” Here is a link to his interview and performance.


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