Sexy Unlocked Outfits

Sexy Unlocked Outfits

Jhene Aiko is Wading on a real man, in her new video, he’s right here girl, writing this while eating a bowl of cereal wearing designer house slippers wading for you to comment below. This is the video we’ve all been wading for, you see a much different version of Jhene in this video, a sexy version, it looks like her sexy outfit got unlocked in Mortal Kombat. The video compliments this stellar song so well, and I really loved how the end turned into Rush Hour meets S.W.A.T. meets Cradle 2 The Grave, all three are in my Top 10 favorite movies, Jhene and I must have so much in common.

If you haven’t copped her album Souled Out you can purchase it here!

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