Audio Push Ft Wale “Quick Fast” Video

Audio Push Ft Wale “Quick Fast” Video

Audio Push is right back on The Ave Quick Fast with their new joint featuring Wale. Produced by Hit-Boy, this shit is a definite Whipper-Slapper, I just invented that phrase quick fast to describe a banger you need to play at inconsiderate levels in the whip as you ride around town.


The video is really dope, they combined a lyric video(I hate those) with a music video which made it cool, but it doesn’t feel like the sing along version of a Disney movie at all. The lyrics and illustrations are actually helpful to better understand the record. For example, on the hook they say, “Finesse yo ho’ quick fast” but I initially thought they said “finance yo ho’ quick fast” which would’ve been funnier, however I’m glad I will know the correct lyrics to shout when I’m slappin’ this in the whip.

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