3rd Ave “Trinity” Video (RosecransAve.com Premiere)

3rd Ave “Trinity” Video (RosecransAve.com Premiere)

3rd Ave is back on The Ave! With his first single “Trinity” off his upcoming project “Triquetra“. This is like Allen Iverson, shooting a 3 guarded by three people, with his Answer III’s on, with three seconds on the clock. This shit is so ill, you have not heard something like this before. Production is handled by SalamanderBeatz who laces 3rd with his own distinct sound.

The video is on some grimy, gutter, G shit, displaying 3rd’s musical influences, showing boxes of Corona’s and randomly finding dime bags and 40’s on the ground. You know you’re in the hood when you find the shit you’re looking for without hitting the liquor store. After listening to his second verse, I was curious to know who Kali Uchis was so I googled her and I now Know What I Want.

We are now anxiously awaiting Triqutetra which will be released in 2015.

If you haven’t already, watch our Rosecrans Radio interview with 3rd and learn more about him.

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