T-Raw The Wild Cat Whisperer

T-Raw The Wild Cat Whisperer

Tyga releases the much anticipated video to “Make It Work” produced by Sap. It was highly anticipated because T-Raw recruited one of Drake’s supposed ex girlfriends Dollicia Bryan to play the leading lady. I see what you did there Tyga, nice move in this game of rapper chess. On a related note, Drake cannot stay out of the news, he is beefing with everyone right now, “Nobody like us but us” is so true at this point.

Back to the video, I feel the Ruff Ryder-esque mobbing through the streets and hanging out on the roof, I fux with that. But that’s not even the best part, Tyga really has a collection of domesticated wild animals, he has lions, tigers and now a cheetah. T-Raw the wild cat whisperer.

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