“II Piece” Mally Mall ft Migos and Rayven Justice

“II Piece” Mally Mall ft Migos and Rayven Justice

Mally Mall’s “II Piece” with Migos and Rayven Justice is FLAMES! You will say “I want a two piece, I really wannem” sounding like you’re addicted to Pollo Loco for the rest of your day. There is an outside shot they are using this as a ploy to get an endorsement deal with a chicken company (like Pass The Courvoisier) or maybe they’re talking about two women, they want to menage trois with. The latter would make more sense given Mally Mall and Migo’s alleged track records. I can really hear this becoming the song in the club everyone goes (pollo) loco for. I can also see this becoming the most ordered meal on the menu, I want a two piece! I really wannem! Damn I should really stop writing so late, I get so damn hungry around this time.

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