YG “2015 Flow”

YG “2015 Flow”

YG is not a happy camper bamper. What did he receive for dropping the best album of 2014? Not a Grammy, but its all good when Kendrick didn’t win last year we knew they were bullshit.

His reaction to this? Went ahead and dropped this new heat, 2015 flow. Played this in front of my girl and she was like “who’s this?” she didn’t believe it was YG, he completely reinvented his flow on this one. And anytime a rapper references Silkk The Shocker I’m all in. I did find one thing odd, the beat produced by DJ Mustard had no bass. A Mustard beat with no bass is like a hot dog without mustard, still good.

2015 is shaping up to be a big year just like 2014 was for the BPT rapper.

Look out for YG’s Blame It On The Streets short film accompanied by a soundtrack of all new music December 15th.

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