Nipsey Hussle “50 N*ggaz”

Nipsey Hussle “50 N*ggaz”

Naybahood Nip is back on The Ave with 50 N*ggaz! Don’t be afraid though it’s just the title to his new record. The record is definitely something that gets the street hyped, Nipsey is rapping over a booming trap beat with a slow but slick delivery.

As far as an album is concerned you can all stop holding your breath and get ready to run this Marathon. Nipsey is releasing a new album “Mailbox Money” with another ingenius #Proud2Pay campaign. Except this time his album will cost $1000, one rack, one band, one 1992 Nissan Sentra, and there are only 100 copies being pressed up. The album will also be available for free, however if you want the full experience featuring access to an exclusive listening party at a new secret Marathon store that will be opening on the day of that listening party, you have to shell-out a grand. If you do not purchase Nipsey’s Mailbox Money album you will be considered a new member of the BBC (broke boyz clique) in my eyes.

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