#ThrowbackThursday: Jim Jones “Certified Gangstas” ft The Game & Cam’ron

#ThrowbackThursday: Jim Jones “Certified Gangstas” ft The Game & Cam’ron

Our 1st #ThrowbackThursday takes us back 10 years to 2004. George W. Bush was in office, Myspacing was a commonly used phrase, I was 12 years old with a Nextel i710 and my custom ringtone was “Certified Gangstas” Game’s whole verse. Whenever I used our house phone to call my phone I would hear “JIM JONES SWERVIN” life was awesome.


Certified Gangstas, an ode to Eazy-E’s Boyz N The Hood really helped catapult Game to rap superstardom, his classic album “The Documentary” would later drop in early 2005.



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