OverDoz “7000 Girls” ft Childish Gambino and King Chip

OverDoz “7000 Girls” ft Childish Gambino and King Chip

OverDoz has dropped one of the wildest and most creative tracks I’ve heard in some time. 7,000 Girls is 5 minutes of OverDoz, Childish Gambino and King Chip exchanging stories about sleeping with a whopping combined 7,000 young ladies. The story-telling and cohesion on this record is unmatched.

If you pay attention you actually get to find out a bit of each person’s personal life and backstory. For example, Joon lost his virginity at 17 then went to college in Arizona, Chip got some ass because of his cameo in an Adult Swim show, Kent took his girl to The Bridge in Culver City and got some cutty, Creamie enjoys giving his women fancy neck jewelry, oh and Gambino channels The Ying Yang Twins while courting women at his crib.

That 2008 album is on the way!

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