The Neighbourhood & YG “Dangerous”

The Neighbourhood & YG “Dangerous”

The Neighbourhood and YG came together to bring you this really dope “Dangerous” record. This is a bit ironic because YG grew up in a dangerous neighborhood of Compton, on Rosecrans and the 400 block of West Spruce Street.

Anyways, The Neighborhood originally did a cover to YG’s song “Me and My Bitch”. The Neighbourhood is described as an indie rock band dipping into the world of hip-hop perhaps to appeal to a wider audience or maybe just to reject the notion of them being an indie rock band and just being a band. Musicians typically hate labels being placed on them and rightfully so, we are human beings not computer files! The band put together a great song and securing YG to finish it off was a smart move. This is also a type of record that you are not used to hearing YG on, but he switched up his flow neatly, told a story and killed it.

-Vic Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

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