Tinashe ft Young Jeezy “Pretend” Remix

Tinashe ft Young Jeezy “Pretend” Remix


Tinashe just hit us with a remix of her song “Pretend” which now features Jeezy instead of A$AP Rocky. She keeps her verses the same but we get treated to some Jeezy ad-libs placed all throughout the song, which are always great. Like in the original song, Tinashe is talking about a situation that many people can relate to: pretending everything is fine in a relationship just to have that added sense of affection. Instead of facing the problems with it and maybe moving on, she pretends to still love her significant other and pretends to forget all the bad things he’s done to her just so she can keep feeling that extra affection towards her.

Jeezy then comes in with the male perspective, just like A$AP Rocky in the original, except now it seems like Jeezy is the one that was doing all the bad things to Tinashe, especially with the line “See me in the club bunch of bitches in my section.” A great remix to the song all over and a great guest verse by The Snowman.

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