Dump Your Last Name First

Dump Your Last Name First

Michael Uzowuru, man I hate saying that last name, sounds like I’m about to sneeze or some shit. Just stick to U or Uzi bruh, I’m too busy to be remembering how many U’s your name has every time you drop a dope song. My last name starts with a U and no one can pronounce it so I replaced it with Stunts, and I’ve been winning ever since! Niko Segal christened himself Donnie Trumpet, Vic Mensa shortened his first name slightly, get with the program, MIKE.

Anyways Vic Mensa and Donnie Trumpet collaborated on this “April 13th” track with him. Trumpet provides the (bitch you guessed it) ill trumpets to the instrumental. And Mensa adds his signature flow over Mike Uzi’s phenomenal beat.

Vic Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

My Ambitionz az a Writer.

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