“They call me private party SLS…”

“They call me private party SLS…”

PARTYNEXTDOOR concluded his first ever headlining tour last night at the historical Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip. Of course, Rosecrans Ave. was in there. It was one of the oddest shows we’ve all been to because of it starting at 1 am, after waiting nearly two hours in line outside prior. Because of this, his set had to be cut short to a little under an hour. Overall though, the crowd was live as fuck. There were numerous times where PARTY’s mic would cut out & the crowd would finish the verse, word for word. Also, another obvious highlight of the night was PARTY bringing out champagne papi himself. Drake came out to do his verse on ‘Recognize’ & I was pushed towards the front by all the girls behind me. Worked in my favor I guess. The whole show & his performance was on point in my opinion & wouldn’t mind seeing him again in the future.

Also, shout out to all the people in line that bought fake tickets & found out the hard way waiting in line.

If you didn’t make it out to the show last night, here’s a few clips. We apologize for the quality (iPhone 4 problems)

– Alex Dantic

IMG_0232                          IMG_9875


Drake was about to punch a bitch.

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