Problem ft Lil Jon “Andale”

Problem ft Lil Jon “Andale”

Arriba arriba arriba, where is the b*tches?Problem has a new song “Andale” in which Lil Jon jumped into as a feature spot. YEAHHHH. OK. Sorry, a little Jon was bottled up in me. Anyway, Jahlil Beats, who has recently risen in fame because of the viral hit “Hot N*gga”, lends his talents for the instrumental, and I gotta tell you, it sounds like a celebration track one would play after winning the Super Bowl with that dope trumpet melody (a sample of Swizz Beatz and Drag-on’s “Down Bottom”) and hard hitting bass. Referring to himself as a boss, Problem also takes a shot at the crazy former owner of the Clippers Donald Sterling by saying “This crazy boss just fucked up the game word to the Clippers.” He mentions casually how his “bitch fatter than [his] bank roll.” In that case, that’s gotta be a really thick girl. Lil Jon ends the song with a verse of his own. A verse? From Lil Jon? Yes, you read correctly, but disclaimer: it’s just a bunch of phrases put together to get the club poppin, which he’s a master at. Peep the track below.

-Jay Lopez

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