Mani Coolin’ “Clock In”

Mani Coolin’ “Clock In”

Mani Coolin’ is back on the Ave with a new track for our listening pleasure titled “Clock In” produced by Dami Tha Prince. The beat starts off with a super sweet funky guitar riff and soul vocal sample and if you’re wearing earphones or headphones in this, your left ear will be satisfied. Cool lets us know right off the bat that he was “too cool for school” and I can’t blame him. He does sound like one of those kids in school who everyone tried to get their style from. Towards the end of the verse, he provides choice words of advice for his listeners: “some niggas gon’ tell you how to do you but they not you, how you gon’ tell me how to do me when I’m poppin’?” Listen for yourself below!

-Jay Lopez

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