Raven Felix “Til We Pass Out”

Raven Felix “Til We Pass Out”

Raven Felix is back on the Ave with “Til We Pass Out” produced by Dante Bowden and Tekneek. A song about getting fucked up! Let’s all take a moment to reflect on our favorite memories we cannot recall. We can all relate to partying until we pass out with our shoes on and waking up in the morning with sharpie markings on our face and no recollection of the night. Good times.

The Great-1-8 rapper spits flames as usual and sings her ass off too. Raven created a multi-purpose record. You can play this during the car ride on the way to the function, on some real, “yo pass me the aux cord” shit, and once you get to the social gathering you can turn up to this, until you pass out. 

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