MENACE LA: Menace II Clothing

MENACE LA: Menace II Clothing

MENACE isn’t too interested in telling a story. The LA-based brand only seems interested in making dope shit. Since their launch just over a year ago, Steven Mena and his crew at MENACE has been producing quality Men’s streetwear clothing without gimmicks, parroting other brands, or doing corny logo flips. They simply do them and I appreciate that. This brand is heavily influenced by the city of Los Angeles and its elements.

MENACE just dropped their Fall/Winter Delivery 2 collection a few days ago and here are some of my favorite pieces.


This Public Enemy No. 1 Mesh Baseball Jersey may be their most notorious piece of clothing having released two prior color ways, both which sold out quickly. This is the Coke-White version, but I call it White FLAME!


This Killafornia Bucket Hat is a simple, yet ill piece of clothing that O-Dawg would appreciate.


No info fo’ the DEA. This is the Dealin’ Jacket.


The Seeing US Hoodie.

shorts_mock-up_c844e9cd-6fa6-4381-b4b3-d343d80fcaf3_largeYou won’t find doper shorts than these LAX-JFK joints


images2BL7OAO7Throw out these smelly old gym shorts that haven’t fit you since high school and get with the program.


I know ya’ll think this is all le flame, so go to to purchase your own MENACE, or check them out on Karmaloop. And Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @MenaceClo.


I had to cop this POR VIDA Snapback for myself.



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