Blu “The Clean Hand Remix”

Blu “The Clean Hand Remix”

Blu and Pete Rock’s joint “The Clean Hand” got remixed recently by producer Fate and had 2 new verses added courtesy of Scienze and Johnny U. Blu’s verse stays the same, and we find Blu “smoking doobies at the movies.” Johnny U then has his verse and tells us that he got his wisdom from his pops, and his style from his moms. “I got it from my mama.” But not really. Scienze has the second to last verse and it’s short but sweet. He let’s you know he’s gonna shine soon, and he’s not one to back down that easily. Blu closes with a shorter version of his original second verse of the song. Fate provides a great instrumental for the others to spit on and still keeps it intact without straying too far from the great Pete Rock. Give it a listen below.
-Jay Lopez

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