Azizi Gibson “Smoking With The Gods” Video

Azizi Gibson “Smoking With The Gods” Video

Azizi Gibson is a LA-based artist you need to be familiar with. He’s signed to Flying Lotus‘ Independent label Brainfeeder and he is currently killing shit! Gibson released his Backward Books mixtape 4 months ago and is steadily gaining recognition for his unique style and undeniable flow.

He recently dropped a video for “Smoking With The Gods” and this is a major win. Azizi got a stoner version of Jesus to make a cameo in this, thats huge! Taking bong rips with our savior, thats historic, better yet preHistoric. Buddha also makes an appearance and you guessed it he packed the ganja and lit that shit up. This is an awesome video that makes you hope Heaven or Nirvana is this dope.

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