Arsenio Hall Type Reactions

Arsenio Hall Type Reactions

WOOOO, OH  MALVERDE! Damn this shit is smooth. Smoke DZA and Al-Doe of the group R.F.C. connect with Dom Kennedy to bring you this great record. R.F.C. stands for Ralphie’s Forgotten Children or Really Fuckin’ Cool depends on who you ask.

First off this beat is really fuckin’ classic. The moment I heard the beat I had an Arsenio Hall type reaction when he eats that good ass cheese. WHY YOU AINT TELL ME HOW GOOD THE BEAT WAS?! Slapping my coworkers and shit, it was nuts.

DZA proceeds to body the track and Dom follows with a play on Drake’s line from “0-100”. He says “All up in the studio I thought it’d make me richer, first row Raider game it wasn’t that expensive” which when I write it out it doesn’t look like it rhymes but it sounds dope. Al-Doe finishes it off strong and might have the best verse on the track. Let me know what you think!

R.F.C.’s album “The Outsiders” drops November 18th go get that!

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