Domo Genesis: Under The Influence 2 Review

Domo Genesis: Under The Influence 2 Review

Odd Future member Domo Genesis has just recently released a new mixtape titled Under The Influence 2. Domo first let us hear this mixtape through the Odd Future radio on the Dash Radio app. The tape features guest verses by Hodgy Beats, IAMSU, and Mac Miller, who delivers what I think is the best guest verse on this whole tape. There’s also a couple of hilarious skits/interludes done by fellow Odd Future member, L-Boy. So let’s dive in to this tape, shall we?

The first track I was feeling was “Doms In Vegas”, which borrows the beat from Pusha T’s “Alone In Vegas” in which he begins talking about how his circle is composed of winners. I mean, I think having your own carnival once a year that always sells out and has Pharrell as a headliner is considered winning in my book. Doms also touches on his upbringing, how he grew up in a single parent home with his dad being in jail for half of Domo’s life. But the main idea he wants to get across is that he’s gonna be “balling till the blessings end.” This “hard knock life won’t get the best of him.” He’ll succeed no matter what.

24 Hour Spitness” is a great representation of how hungry Doms is. Taking its instrumental from Mobb Deep’s “The Realest”, Doms points out how he’s been getting money as of late which explains how he’s so “young and gifted” that he “thought this was Christmas Eve for a second.” Coming again with the hungry lines, he says that he’s “Just had a plate” and he’s “already fiending for seconds,” showing how even though he just ate, he’s already hungry for more. If he keeps eating this much, he’s gonna have to go on Rick Ross’ Pear Diet. Just as the song seems to finish, Hodgy Beats graces us with a guest verse that stays with the getting money theme when he says “Now we fixated on greatness and bundles of checks.”

Probably one of the better songs on the tape, “Rare Form Doms”, has us see Domo’s true competitive nature. The instrumental is taken from Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” which is an awesome beat by itself, and the intro to the song is taken from the 2008 movie “Tyson.” The quotes that he decided to put on the intro from Tyson are what really interest me though. Quotes such as how Tyson says how before his fights, he would be afraid of everything including losing, but he would always stay confident, and the closer he gets to the ring, the more confidence he obtains. However, the most interesting quote is when Tyson says “once I get in the ring, I’m a god.” Domo must be feeling this way when he steps inside the booth. He’s so hot right now that he’s killing every song that you picture him on. He isn’t even on it and he’s killing it.

The song immediately after is an introspective introspective styled track with a smooth beat titled “Follow Me” featuring a hook by Tay Walker. Domo bluntly states that anyone who says “he never changed is not a wise man” and that “you never do right without doing wrong first,” insinuating that Domo has made mistakes in his life, but he’s learned from them and knew how to deal with those types of problems later on in life. Doms also talks to people that claim they’re trying to “find themselves” by asking them a simple question: “How you planning on finding yourself if you was never lost?” This is a great song to listen closely to the lyrics and form your own answers to Domo’s questions.

Favorite tracks: Rare Form Doms, Follow Me, This Is 15 Bars I May Be Wrong I Gotta See, STRICTLY4MYNIGGAZ

Least favorite track: Full Moon

I give this mixtape 8/10 roses.

-Jay Lopez

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