Shoe Game Fucked Up Pt. 2

Shoe Game Fucked Up Pt. 2

David So dropped his hilarious, “Suck some d*** for some J’s” video today and I had to share it. If you didn’t read the first installment of the shoe game rant, please do so before watching this video.

If you don’t know much about the shoe game, go on to Facebook and search shoe groups. You will find a world of individuals that create “add-to-cart” bots and stock up on multiple pairs of one shoe, only to rape (figuratively) an individual they plan on meeting up with. I always hated buying shoes from someone younger than me, because it made me feel like a bitch.

My advice to the people that plan on entering the shoe game, befriend people with connections at retail shoe shops, and always take someone with you when you do shoe deals. You never know when someone might get brave and try to rob you.


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