SHAQ & Big Pun’s Lost Gem “The Bigger They R”

SHAQ & Big Pun’s Lost Gem “The Bigger They R”

Imagine you are back in 1996, SHAQ and Kobe had just arrived to LA, the Lakers were a well run, winning organization. SHAQ was starring in movies and rapping in the offseason (not selling Buicks). Kobe was just a 17 year old with an afro. Big Pun was lyrically killing everything, Fat Joe knew how to rap, and Easy Moe Bee was producing classics for Biggie and Tupac. Oh how I wish we were back in ’96!

SOOOOO, have ya’ll heard SHAQ‘s new (old) track with Big Pun? Hell no you haven’t. So I have to put you on. Man, any day you hear an unreleased Pun verse it’s a great day. Fat Joe and legendary producer Easy Mo Bee have guest verses on here as well. “The Bigger The R” was originally intended for Shaq’s critically acclaimed Cant Stop The Reign LP, but reportedly left off due to legal issues. Big Pun out-raps everyone as usual, however each emcee pulls their weight on this heavy hitting boom-bap track.

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