Heart Emojis

Heart Emojis

Ludacris took a break from all the hype that’s surrounding Furious 7 to drop his newest single, “Good Lovin” featuring Miguel. The title shares its name and some of its lyrics with the original number one hit by The Young Rascals, a soul group that had most of its fame in the 60s. The song starts off with a hook by Miguel in which he says “I need some real good lovin’ cuz ain’t nobody been around here lovin’ on me.” Damn, hits ya right in the heart emoji.

Luda then starts off a series of sentimental bars, one right after the other. He talks about how he’s had most of his ex girls become his enemies, some of them are on the fence, and a small part of them are still his friends. But the memories he made with them is the cause of a weird energy that is shown whenever he sees them again. Totally get him on that one. He also says that if love really does drive you crazy, then he belongs in an insane asylum. Keep watching the news in the next couple weeks in order to see if Luda got admitted to an asylum, I’m sure it won’t take long.

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