God’s iPod Playlist

God’s iPod Playlist

Remix alert from The Boy! Casey Veggies has released a remix for his song “Backflip” that originally featured IAMSU, and now has an added verse by YG 4 Hunnid. Casey’s two verses are exactly the same as the original version, but just in case you haven’t heard it in a minute, here’s a couple bars that stood out to me. “Told God I’m only bout that real he said ‘hallelujah!'” Casey is so real, God says hallelujah when he hears his tracks! I bet Casey is also on God’s “Club Bangers” playlist on his iPod.

YG talks about how girls will do almost anything for money, but then he stumps them with a question: “But if you had a baby daughter would you still strip?” Damn, I’m sure they’d take more than a minute to reply. But I’ve seen strippers breast feeding in between breaks up at Deja Vu. IAMSU is on the hook saying the same as YG, “Aye, bet the money make her do a backflip.” She’d do anything for that cash. Smh. Make sure to listen to the remix! And read Vic Stunts’ write up on the original version.

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