Post-Party Depression

Post-Party Depression

Schoolboy Q drops the video for “Hell Of A Night” simply because he was “bored”. The rest of my life would be considered bland and boring if I attended a party like the one in this video. I believe Groovy Q is suffering from PPD, Post Party Depression. The only cure for PPD is actually that drug smoothie you’ll see him make at the beginning of the video. This party should have been made into a 2 hour long corny, party film with a non-existent storyline. This party scene tops Project X‘s, 21’s, and the party at the end of Scooby Doo (2002) easily.

The times I have experienced PPD ruined the next few weeks of my life. I have experienced it after my 18th birthday which happened to fall on the same day as EDC Los Angeles in 2010. Another time was after a Lil’ B show, he played Wonton Soup on a loop for 15 minutes. 15 WHOLE MINUTES OF PARKING MY CAR FIRST THEN F*CKIN YO BITCH SECOND!

Fight PPD by turning up all day every day.

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