Finally! Big Sean‘s IDFWU video has dropped. Sean is the star football player for his high school and Kanye is his coach of course, and its fitting that the pimp/player E-40 is the one upstairs calling the plays. DJ Mustard makes a cameo as a fullback (#50) and Big Boy and plenty of other semi-famous people make appearances throughout.

My thoughts immediately after watching the video,”that girl has great New York boobs“, my second thought was “ohhh I get it the high school theme, Naya Rivera was on Glee a show about a high school“. I know, I’ve always been phenomenal at connecting obvious dots. It can be argued that there are many other subliminal messages, and that it also doubles as a commercial for a few products.

It’s a dope video though, a dope video to a heartfelt song we can all relate to.

-Vic Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

My Ambitionz az a Writer.

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