Mustard-less, Still Plenty of Flavor

Mustard-less, Still Plenty of Flavor

TeeFlii is back with his first track since he released the song of the spring and summer “24 Hours” with a nice change of pace record titled “Change Your World” which he produced as well. This track is mustard-less but still has plenty of flavor, its a chill track you can play for your side chick while you’re driving in the rain to her man’s house. He’s just trying to change Annie’s life, her turn up is so real and everyone knows it, he wants her to slow down a little and spend more time with him.

TeeFlii is stylishly demonstrating his versatility on this song. He can do more than Ratchet&B, he can make sultry love ballads too ya’ll.

Be ready to cop his Debut Album “Starr” dropping next month December 9th.

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