Yacht Problems

Yacht Problems

DJ Quik, Dom Kennedy and the Pomona Pimp Suga Free are on a boat bitch! Well its actually a yacht, if you don’t know the difference between a boat and a yacht it’s probably because your parents didn’t love you enough to show you. Also, yachts have plenty of Life Jackets and boats typically have one, so if it’s sinking you’re going to have to fight one of your loved ones for the jacket and the right to live. So if you’re on a yacht with people you dislike and it sinks you’re all likely to survive, yacht problems I know it sucks.

It’s sort of predictable they are doing the video for Life Jacket on a yacht at bay, but I mean if they did it on land that would be whack as fuck. So I’m all for it, and the beautiful ladies showing booty and midriff is awesome as well. I’m Looking for a way to incorporate “I wanna drown in that p***y so I’m gonna need a Life Jacket”, into this piece without it being corny, fuck too late.

Go get that Midnight Life if you haven’t already!

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