Riding Through Watts

Riding Through Watts

Jay Rock delivers the visuals for the Parental Advisory track he dropped a few weeks back. He takes you on a trip to Watts, to see the Watts Towers and the Nickerson Garden projects and that’s all there is to see in Watts. It’s a place you don’t ever actually want take a trip to so its nice to take a virtual one with good music in the background.

I’ve been to Watts once, took the bus from my house to Inglewood(to see a girl) and it turned out to be a tour of the worst cities in Los Angeles, needless to say Watts was one of them. I sat in the middle of the bus because I figured the cool kids from school who sat in the back of the bus evolve into the gangsters we see today, so I didn’t want to seem like I wanted to squabble for positioning. And I didn’t want to sit in the front because I ain’t no punk bitch neither, I’m somewhere in the middle. So it turned out my theory was correct and when we passed through Watts, some dude got on the bus and sat way in the back next to the window. Everything goes smoothly for a few blocks until he yells, “Bounty Hunter Pirus Bitch!!!” to someone walking on the sidewalk. Fortunately, I survived that bus ride through Watts and dumped that bitch on the ride home via AIM.

I digressed, but watch this video though!

Vic Stunts

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