GTA Cheat Codes

GTA Cheat Codes

Jaden Smith has garnered a lot of attention recently, but mostly from his ridiculous tweets. But Jaden has also been making music, most of which people are quick to criticize, but I think he can slowly make a name for himself if he keeps this up and keeps improving.

Just a month ago or so he was featured in Gambino’s EP, Kauai, and it wasn’t so bad. But anyway, his new song “Jetskis” is a perfect “riding to the beach with the top of your convertible down” type of song. It has a relaxed vibe to it from the start, and when Jaden says “we should hit the beach” at the beginning, you think to yourself, wait. We’re not at the beach already? Jaden then quotes a girl telling him “Damn that Jaden’s a beast, like Grand Theft Auto with cheats. Then again you thought I was weak.” I mean damn, cheat codes on GTA are pretty fucking awesome. Great song overall by Jaden. Make sure to give it a listen.

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