Banana Vine Clips

Banana Vine Clips

First off, WHAT THE FUCK. I thought hurricane season was over. Jay Rocks new single “Pay For It” featuring Chantal and Kendrick Lamar has me super hyped for his album. The song’s piano keys playing in the background along with Chantal’s voice on the hook lets you know from the start that Jay is going to bring the heat.

There’s way too many quotables on this song, so I’ll just list a couple of my favorites. First off, he lets you know that if you mess with him or K. Dot then “you better watch it. You playin’ with fire, burning you slow.” He also makes sure you know he aint’ about fake dudes, if you’re phony then know that he’s “aiming at fake smiles and turn them upside down.” Kendrick then says “I tell em all to hail King Kendrick.” I mean, I’ve been going to The Church of Lamarology ever since Section.80, so don’t worry about me Kendrick. It’ll take “a whole tribe of y’all” to kill him. He never dies. Jay Rock ends by saying “Now when I speak, they pupils, they’ll dilate.” But my favorite would have to be “that vine couldn’t relate. This next clip is long, a son of a gun.” Vine’s 6 second clips have nothing on his banana clip! Make sure you give this song a listen and quote it for yourself.

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