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The Boogie Man

Compton rapper Boogie drops a powerful video that is rejecting everything trendy going on in LA right now and it is stupendous! I’m so glad someone has finally done this. “Bitter Raps” is a track off of his Thirst 48 mixtape which was released this past June. He let’s everybody in LA know “we ain’t on the same thang” and proceeds to let us know what he hates about LA and the hip-hop scene right now.

Boogie anticipates the vitriol from his social commentary so he went ahead and named it Bitter Raps before someone else could. He demonstrates Instagram posts, tweets, speaks on twerk videos and even name drops. The Long Beach emcee raps “I hate how every LA rapper wanna make a song like YG“. Watch out for Boogie man, he’s coming for all ya’ll!

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  1. […] is titled “Out My Way (Bitter Raps 2)“. The latter, is the sequel to the record that put Boogie on the map in 2014 as he called out our generation’s thirsty ways and odd behavior on social […]

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