Swallow’s Eve

Swallow’s Eve

The award for the most disturbing video of all times goes to….Flying Lotus’Ready Err Not” (I wasn’t readyyyy). Today is the perfect cliché time for FlyLo to drop this since it is Hallow’s Eve, or as many of these half naked hoes will pronounce it tonight “Swallows Eve”. I have seen some very disturbing videos in my time “2 Girls 1 Cup” “Shawn Livingston’s injury” and  “9 Girls 1 Shoe” but this has to be the sickest unquestionably. There is Hill’s Have Eyes looking people throughout, Sloth from The Goonies makes a cameo, there’s dying babies having their intestines ripped out! All animated of course, but it’s still very grotesque and makes you cringe, but hey if you’re into that shit, you will LOVE this video. You Sick Bastard.

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