Fertile Mexican Rumors

Fertile Mexican Rumors

KYLE drops the highly anticipated video (by me) to “Don’t Wanna Fall in Love“. The video is a fun, goofy mini-movie that is zealously entertaining. Yup its full of zeal, and spunk, lots of spunk.

I greatly appreciate the 3 lead girls in the video all having wild, curly hair, that seems to be in right now. Maybe now my bush will be accepted universally. There’s subliminal references to Mexico throughout if you look closely, the Mexican restaurant in the opening scene, he’s wearing a shirt that says Mexico and when he’s in the ring there is a Mexico flag behind him. Not sure if it’s alluding to him being of Mexican descent, or maybe he’s saying he doesn’t wanna fall in love with a girl from Mexico because he hears they’re extremely fertile. Either way, ill video!

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