Thurz: Designer EP

Thurz: Designer EP

The homie Thurz is all set to release his new project The Designer EP, but before it drops November 4th via Red Bull Sound Select, he’s letting all his fans stream it for FREE99! That’s love man, as a fan it makes me feel like I have to support and go out and cop this once it does drop. And if you’re familiar with Thurz’s previous projects with U-N-I then the classic album that was LA Riot, you know you will never be disappointed.

By looking at the track list you can see he worked with LA’s top producers. He has tracks produced by DJ Dahi (My Type of Party) Rahki (Kendrick’s I) and DJ Battlecat(Too many dope tracks to name). The 3 tracks he previously released from this project were gucci, so you can bet this Designer EP will be made with entirely great material. That was my designer clothing reference I know you were expecting it. Listen for yourself below!

Vic Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

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