Young Veggies for Mayor

Young Veggies for Mayor

Casey Veggies is transmitting us a song called “3 AM In Cape Town (Swag Worth A Mill Pt. 3)” all the way from South Africa. He’s feeling good and on his Young Veggies shit by telling us he’s about to drop his debut album, which I’m excited to hear. The muted guitar sample on the beat sounds real good too which is produced by Sango, who we recently saw produce a song for Tinashe’s debut album.

Casey starts off with a girl that he last saw two years ago and he’s just seen her again, and she just happened to hop in his Audi with him. Maybe it’s because he’s “off the chain like Django.” In the second verse he shares with us his confidence in his music and performing, comparing his practice to that of Allen Iverson’s in that he doesn’t practice. Then he tells us why white people be hating on him; because he has his own store on Beverly. But I’ve heard white kids show up to the store too, so I’m confused. Casey has been running the city of LA since he was 7, he even hung out with the mayor at that age too! Make sure you vote for Young Veggies for mayor come November for the midterm elections.

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