This will be a quick, straight to the point rant. 

Over the last two years, the shoe game has gone to complete shit. No matter the colorway, shoe, price, the shoe is guaranteed to sell out within’ minutes of release. Why? Because people (Broke ass people) found out that if you buy a shoe before someone else that actually wants to rock the shoe you can just resell it to them and make a profit. It’s got so bad that people will camp out for days for a damn shoe release. Now even running shoes are selling out (Thank you Kanye).

On average, a reseller is looking at making a whopping $20-$30 profit per shoe release. After you put gas in your car and buy a combo at in-n-out your profit is all gone! Resellers need to stop wasting their time and find a real job and stop making this baby money off a damn hobby.

Then we have people (Mostly Asian “Swagger Jackers” and rich kids with no style) that buy every shoe and never wear them! They buy them to look at them and post pictures of them on Instagram. They do love to wear Kobe’s though.

We also have those young fathers (Mexican Dads) that buy their kids every Jordan they can get their hands on. I don’t understand why a toddler needs to wear some Bred 11’s to only sit in a fucking stroller. And they will grow out of them in a month.

And last but not least, we have high school kids that are “swag fags” that only have 3 pairs of Jordans and a Bulls snapback and claim to be a sneaker head. 2 of the 3 pairs of Jordans are always Team Jordan 1’s! (Team Jordan’s are embarrassing so don’t buy them!)


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