Booty Blindness

Booty Blindness

Kid Ink blessed the world with the video to Body Language ft Usher and Tinashe. The lord is my shepherd and he knows what I want!

After the first 5 seconds I immediately cut the sound off, the dancer’s body language let me know this is the kind of video you watch on mute. To be completely honest I didn’t listen to the song at all. I hope it was a good record; I mean it had to be to have Usher and Tinashe features right? Although, I don’t remember them being in the video, nor Kid Ink. It must’ve been one of those weird videos where the artists were too busy to appear in it and they shot it anyway. Or maybe my “Booty Blindness” kicked in again. Its a self diagnosed disorder where whenever I see large quantities of booty shaking I become legally blind(Pimp Squad Baby) and unaware of my surroundings. Apparently booty makes me deaf, dumb and blind and only leaves me with the ability to read body language.

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