Who Would You Hotbox With?

Who Would You Hotbox With?

Bobby Brackins + G Eazy + Mila J = BANGER. “Hot Box” is the newest hit penned by Oakland’s Bobby Brackins who has recently been busy behind the scenes writing songs for your favorite artists. You may have heard his most recent work Chris Brown’s “Loyal” yeah that was him, who’d a thunk it?

This video comes about 2 months after this single was released and man the video makes this song so much better than it already was. Bobby and Mila J open the video by stepping out of car they hot box’d the next scene is Mila is in the corridor just looking like sex. Then out of nowhere a bunch of skinny girls who work/model at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters become the stars of the video. Everyone is just walking around super LIT from the Hotbox they just partook in, one girl is making out with a teddy bear(they must have just watched TED) and two girls with the physique of two ten year old boys start hula-hooping, shits wild. After that madness, G Eazy rolls thru and spits fire, flame as usual, saying he feels like its ’06 hotboxing a scraper, ill! Bobby Brackins definitely chose the right people to hotbox with.

If I could choose any two people to hotbox with I would’ve chose Mila J and her sister Jhene Aiko. Mmmm.

Who would you Hotbox with? comment below!

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