Hunger Raps

Hunger Raps

Odd Future member Domo Genesis is back with a new cut off his upcoming Under The Influence 2 tape titled “STRICTLY4MYNIGGAZ” an ode to 2pac’s album of the same name. Domo comes into this track sounding hungry as ever. I mean, he’s one of the only members on Odd Future that hasn’t fully blown up yet, I’d be hungry as fuck too. We’re pulling for you to blow the fuck up here at the Ave Domo! He premiered this song on The Odd Future radio station a few nights ago, I can’t remember the last song that actually premiered on a radio station and not the internet, it might have been a Chingy song, not sure.

The instrumental is reminiscent of a 90s hip hop song with the horn sampling and the boom-bap styled beat. He starts the song off with an 8 Mile reference, which reminds me, I have to watch that movie again. He also reveals his distrust in the system, how it’s made for him to fail, just because of his skin color. I thought racism was over, FOX News! People also don’t want to see him winning just because he’s black, I feel you Doms, kind of. By the time he ends the song with “wanna talk to God but I feel like my prayers get ignored”, I am completely convinced that this new tape will be one for the books. Make sure you hear it.

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