Crib Goals

Crib Goals

Kixxie Siete makes his debut on the Ave but I’m sure he’s already very familiar with Rosecrans Avenue growing up in Hawthorne. The Yacht Klub rapper has been making waves in LA for a while now and is steadily progressing with every project. His latest release, “The REALROCKNROLLA EP” is no exception. It’s a somewhat Rock-N-Roll inspired album with multiple songs featuring guitar riffs or Rock-N-Roll samples. The title is a play-off of the 2008 film ROCKNROLLA starring Gerard Butler and uses clips from the movie as interludes.

This “Rules to the Game” ft Mike B & Robert Lawerence, stood out to me the most because of the crazy guitar riffed beat, rebellious lyrics and the crazy hook that makes you wanna shout it at the top of your lungs. Kixxie lets us know his life is savage but he likes to live a little lavish, and likens himself to Lenny Kravitz(the first Black Jew in music) which is cool as fuck, no one has said the words Lenny Kravitz since 2002. My favorite line was when he said “my car is a Yacht my crib is Atlantis, that shit’s the baddest” Kixxie’s crib is all of Atlantis. This has personally motivated me to strive for bigger and better things, my new goal in life is to make The Road to El Dorado my crib. The whole shit, with all the gold and everything, even the road to get there. Thanks Kix.

Peep his whole THE REALROCKNROLLA EP here. And follow him on Twitter here.

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And as a bonus watch this CA Dreams ft Thurz Video!

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