Speaking to Your Future Ex Girlfriends

Speaking to Your Future Ex Girlfriends

Tidoh is a name you need to be familiar with. The Hawthorne rapper is a spitta for real. His unparalleled energy, polished delivery and introspective raps have him winning in a major way. Tidoh recently released #TidohEP which had two sides an “A Side” and a “B side” 9 tracks on each side, just like your uncle’s cassette tapes.

This “Complicated” track is on the “B Side” which Tidoh stated is catered towards the B…eautiful women. The soulful sample is a superb backdrop to his passionate rhymes, where he speaks on his past relationships, talks to his future ex girlfriends and expresses his fears of getting hurt and describing past troubles with women. ‘Doh asks the ladies “would you ever play me? would you cheat on me? would you let another dude work ya, while I’m workin’ tryna support ya?” Tidoh gives us some of his truest rhymes with “I can’t pick you up, unless its in a Honda, thats probably why them other dudes holla, I bet you say hola, see it ain’t fair ‘cuz I’m not there“. REAL.

Listen to the A and B side of the #TidohEP and follow him on twitter @StraightFadedDo

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