Yes Stunt Zone

Yes Stunt Zone

Frais and Andru got some fuckin’ heat bruh! The North Carolina emcee and the LA rapper collaborate once again on their newest cut, Infamously Rich. Frais is stuntin’ all over these bitches and fuck n*ggas, especially the bitches that didn’t fuck with him initially, on this ill ass beat. This is the life he wanted and he’s definitely making it, this track is A1 from start to finish.

Midnight Sounds’ own Andru ends this record by serenely murdering it with his silky delivery. He’s a professional hit-man on this shit, leaving no traces, just low-key killin’ and fuckin’ druggy groupie hoes every night. This might be the real story behind the Midnight Sounds name (just a wild guess). Just like his collaborator, Drugotti is stuntin’ too, but in public though, that’s a publicity stunt according to Dr. Dru. Damn, everybody stuntin’ round here, this must be the Yes Stunt Zone, I fux widdit as long as I’m cordially invited to stunt with ya’ll.

Vic STUNTS (Too)

Rosecrans Vic

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