Prison University

Prison University

Inglewood’s own Shawn Chrystopher debuts on The Ave with “Dance for a Chain” and he’s serving up a sermon for all of you kids! And also sharing a personal story which I can definitely relate to. Shawn Chrys is talking about going to high school and succeeding then going to college like a, “good n*gga” even though he wanted to pursue music. Then he proceeds to give us a breakdown of the fucked up college system in this country. He says college is basically built to keep people in the system like a business prison. Shawn points out “you paid them 100 stacks and ain’t guaranteed a job” that’s some real shit, 100k could have bought a lot cooler shit than lectures from sad lonely professors.

The part that resonated with me the most was when Shawn said “I can’t sell dope, but they can sell hope, N*GGAS CAN’T TRANSFER THAT’S A F***IN JOKE” I feel that, I have 6 people in my class right now above 60. I wish I was joking. I applaud Shawn for making the bold decision to take the road less traveled, then making this exceptional track about it all. Listen up kids, don’t let them put you in a box!

HonourRole mixtape coming soon.

-Vic Stunts

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