Sound Familiar?

Sound Familiar?

Rick Gonzalez and Blu bring us this beautiful soulful shit to get Lifted to. Lifted into heaven? No, just below there, in some smoke filled clouds. This has both rappers showcasing their slick lyrical skills over a beat produced by Tranzformerz that gives us flashbacks to Blu’s Below The Heavens.

Rick Gonzalez more than holds his own in this sparring match with Blu and that is no easy task. If Rick sounds familiar thats because he’s a fuckin’ movie star! He is Timo Cruz from Coach Carter! I felt like he may have sneak dissed Coach Carter in his verse, “grind-mode ballplayers sittin on the bench, when I keep a tool on me means these burst, fuck a wrench.” SWISH. Remember that scene in Coach Carter when he had to sit on the bench? Is it me or does Samuel L. Jackson play an asshole in every movie. Gonzalez decided to quit acting and pursue rapping seriously about seven years ago(sound familiar) and is now finally getting burn.  –Vic Stunts

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