The Death of Worldstar

The Death of Worldstar

“WORLDSTAR!!!” If you hear that in public, you better duck! Those Worldstar fighting videos have such crappy quality. It’s like every person that records those fights still use a Motrola Razr. Even though the quality is shit, I enjoy laughing at people getting knocked out. Black on black fights are so hilarious because once one of them gets knocked out, there’s always that one guy that runs across the shot yelling “WORLDSTAR!!!” And girl on girl fights are always exciting, because you never know which girls breasts will come flying out of their shirt. My personal favorite are the ones that are after the club. It’s always funny seeing a guy in a polo (BUT IT AIN’T RALPH DOE) getting suplexed into the cement. Shout out to the white kids in Kirkland jeans that try to stand up to a group of black kids.

I remember when Worldstar posted quality videos and actually cared about the videos they posted on their site. The fact that they made Ice JJ Fish famous is the only reason I need to hate that website. Their full website name is Worldstar Hip-Hop, but every Unsigned Hype artist they post is always trash. I don’t trust their opinion when it comes to knowing good music. I don’t think they support LA music either, because all I see is ATL/Miami/NY rappers on their website. They’re the Internet version of MTV. They hardly post music, but when they do it’s always crap.

Going on their website on a mobile device is a fucking nightmare. They have so many advertisements that I have to always refresh the page to avoid the damn ads because I can never click the little “X” in the corner to close the ad. But shout out to Q, keep racking in that advertisement money!

You’re probably wondering why I still go on it if I dislike it so much. Well, I go on to watch those Vine Compilation videos of girls shaking their ass because I can never find them on Vine!

Anyways if you want the 411 on good music, keep coming back to because we update our website daily!


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