Backhanded Compliments

Backhanded Compliments

Name one thing better than a beautiful Latina who raps her ass off, Raven Felix! This new track “Like That” showcases her lyrical ability once again, she’s going hard and is still sexy on some 1995 Lil’ Kim shit. Rappin’ on a fire beat about how fly she is, she’s First class and these girls are coach, and when it comes to the Valley she’s the first, second and third lady. This is the first track since her debut project Valifornia was released roughly a month ago and you can already hear immense progression.

In essence, Raven is calling out a bunch of fake bitches and those thirsty male groupies. You know who you are, she’s talking about you dudes that comment, “damn bae, follow back. whats your kik?  (insert simp ass emojis). Oh and you hating ass bitches who hate in her comments with backhanded compliments like, “You rap so good, for a girl” and “You look so good on instagram girl” and “I like how you’re not obsessed with the way you look”.

Raven is really out here, rapping and singing flawlessly, and its safe to assume she woke up Like That. 

Rosecrans Vic

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