Ironic Power Lines

Ironic Power Lines

It’s TDE season once again, and now it’s Jay Rock’s moment to shine! The Black Hippy Crew member has just dropped his first solo track in 3 years and it’s called “Parental Advisory.” The instrumental sounds like a modern version of a 90s gangsta rap song, which sounds eerie but goes great with the lyrics. And it goes without saying that Jay Rock sounds absolutely hungry on this track.

Rock gives us an insight to how it was in the projects and how tough it was to make it out. He references this in the line “To make it out the ‘jects, that’s considered a miracle.” I guess our prayers were answered when Jay made it out. He also knows that “niggas don’t want beef once I bring ’em round these carnivores.” In other words, Jay Rock’s new diet plan is helping out haters get healthier quickly since they had to give up beef. The line that captivated me most would have to have been “Ain’t no time like now, eyes in-front of the clock. Niggas ain’t wise enough, expire right on the spot.” The irony in these lines are so crazy that I’ll let you connect the dots while you listen to it.

We’re hoping this means Jay Rock’s album is on the way!

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